The Last of The Monkeys
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Donkey Kong Country Episode 10 - The Last of The Monkeys

Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 10
Date Aired November 7th, 2013
Episode Length 20:03
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode Mid Week Monkey
Next Episode Super Extra Long Edition


The episode begins with the Bros. shouting that Lou Bega week continues with more Donkey Kong Country. Throught the whole level of Poison Pond, Jirard says that the whole entire time that he was in clench mode.

In the next level, Mine Cart Madness, Jirard spends the majority of his lives (7) trying to get a single secret. Once he finally gets it, he obtains a Golden Winky token, making his victory long-lived, and earning him back 8 more lives.


  • Elevator Antics beaten
  • Poison Pond beaten


  • There are noticeably more fish in the level Poison Pond
  • Mine Cart Madness and Forest Frenzy are the only two levels where the music matches the name.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Alex likes Jaws:Unleashed.
  • Shiny pokemon are much more common in Pokemon X & Y

Question of the DayEdit

Question 1:

What do you think of gimmicks in platformers? An example would be a level in DKC where the level is played in a mine cart.

Greg said that mixing up the formula is a nice change of pace, and his favorite is in Super Mario 3D Land where the level is played "by the beat." Alex said that while sometimes they are good, He hates all types of water levels, except if the game takes place underwater.

Question 2:

Have you ever pretended to be a video game character?

Alex said that he used to pretend to be Diddy Kong with his older brother and pretend that his bed was a minecart. Greg said that he used to be Tails from Sonic. Jirard used to pretend be Cloud from Final Fantasy.

Alex and Greg both used to pretend to be a Mech Warrior, although Alex would just pretend to be in the game, whilst Greg would go to parks and pretend to be the mechs.

Final WordEdit


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