The Later Man Stage
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 3 - The Later Man Stage

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 3
Date Aired June 29th, 2014
Episode Length 10:11
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Mettaur Hero
Next Episode Funk Man and Base


This episode opens with both Jirard and Alex repeatedly saying Cloud man in a japanese accent. Jirard then states that he is going to be on vacation the following week and the Bread Bros will be featuring special guests while Jirard is gone.


  • Cloud Man stage is started
  • The "U" was obtained
  • Jirard found a big Bolt
  • Jirard met Protoman for the first time
  • Cloud Man was defeated
  • Jirard obtained Thunder Bolt


  • If the weather robot in the Cloud Man stage is shot with the Ice weapon then it begins to snow in the stage
  • Cloud Man was created to help control and stabilize the weather and lost his rainfall equipment when Dr. Wiley took control of him and replaced his equipment with very powerful lightening equipment.
  • Cloud Man has no legs and can produce wind
  • Creating the snow In the Cloud Man stage makes the floor visible
  • When Cloud Man poses, he loses a finger
  • Cloud Man is super weak to Flame Man's weapon
  • Cloud Man hates lighting rods because when he attacks, his lightening strikes the rod and not the inteded target
  • If Cloud Man is hit with Danger Wrap with exact Timing it will distort the screen and kill everyone
  • Mega Man was not Dr. Light's first creation, but rather Proto Man was
  • Proto Man's name in japanese is Blues, going with the music theme of "Rock and Roll" along with "Bass and Tremble"

Not RelatedEdit

  • When Jirard was younger, the Cloud Man stage reminded him of Full house because of the atmosphere in the level.
  • When Alex played Metal Gear Solid 3, He shot "The End" at the very beginning and missed out on the hour long Sniper battle with him

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