The Lusive Spring Man
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 5 - The Lusive Spring Man

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 5
Date Aired July 6th, 2014
Episode Length 12:47
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Funk Man and Base
Next Episode Ta-Ta Turtle Man!


With Jirard starting his vacation Both Alex and Jirard invite the viewers to come and "scope" the 2014 SGC event and say "Hi". In this episode Jirard starts the Slash Man Stage and Alex makes the comment of calling it the "Jurassic Park" level and the "Street Fighter" Level.


  • Jirard started Slash Man Stage
  • Jirard defeated Slash Man
  • Jirard started Spring Man Stage
  • Jirard obtained the Hyper Bolt
  • Jirard defeated Spring Man
  • Jirard obtained the Wild Coil


  • Slash Man was created by Dr. Wiley to cut down the forest for the construction of the "secret bases"
  • Slash Man's design was based off of Pluto from the Game Boy game Mega Man 5
  • Beat is obtained in the Slash Man Stage with the scortch wheel
  • Slash Man is an affective worker but has a short temperment
  • Slash Man was originally called Claw Man but was later changed
  • The slash Man Stage was based off of a Mega Man episode called Robosaur Park
  • In the Japanese release of this game, at times Auto would Appear instead of Dr. Light when a weapon is obtained and when you obtained Slash Man's claws Auto states that they look like Striders claws from Ninja Guidan.
  • Slash Man's weakness is the Freeze Cracker or the Scortch Weapon
  • In the Sonic X Megaman World's Collide Episode Sonic trips Quick Man and all the robot masters pile up on top of each other
  • Slash Man is also Referenced in Super Smash Brother for wii U and 3ds in the Mega Man trailer
  • The Hyper Bolt can be found in the Spring Man Stage
  • Spring Man is made up of over 2000 spring
  • Spring Man is an optomistic and carefree individual who is lusive and likes to live life to the fullest
  • Spring Man enjoys jumping as High as he can but sometimes hits his head on low ceilings
  • Spring Man also makes an appearance in "World's Collide"
  • If Spring Man is instantly hit with the noise crusher as he is making his intro, he will bounce off the wall and die
  • Spring Man states that if he had money he would buy weighted clothing so that his body would be more stable
  • Spring Man Stage was going to be a Toy Factory that had Street Fighter Characters in it

Not RelatedEdit

  • Alex believes that Slash Man looks like Wolverine
  • At the mention of Secret Bases, both Alex and Jirard began to laugh
  • Jirard was on vacation in this level and was sick

Question of the DayEdit

Whats the dumbest character you have ever seen in a game?

  • Jirard's is Clown Man From Mega Man
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