The Morphine Ball
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 1 - The Morphine Ball

Game Super Metroid
Episode 1
Date Aired May 6th, 2013
Length 25:09
Playlist Super Metroid


The series was started when Greg was away on tour with his band, LongBlackShadows, and they didn't want to continue in their other games without him.

In this episode, Jirard and Alex discuss their love of speed runs and how it really challenges the players to find everything in the game to help them complete the game faster, such as glitches and every little secret.

Jirard loves how the beginning of Super Metroid takes place right after Metroid, placing you right in the room where you end the last game.


  • Morphing Ball aquired
  • Missles obtained
  • Bombs obtained
  • Charge Beam aquired
  • Energy Tank aquired
  • Ridley (first time) defeated
  • Torizo defeated
  • Spore Spawn defeated


  • Metroid is connected to the movie "Aliens," as Ridley's name is close to the movie's protaganist Ripley, as well as the Director who's name is Ridley Scott.
  • The Spore Spawn has the same battle music as Crocomire.
  • The Spore Spawn isn't in the game Metroid: Zero Mission, but his music is remixed in the game.

Not RelatedEdit

  • During the beginning of Super Beard Bros. they were going to start the series with Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, but they thought it wouldn't fit the image that they wanted to present at first.

Question of the DayEdit

 "How much has Atmosphere contributed to you as a gamer and helps to pull you in?"

 Alex than says to think of it as Atmosphere vs. Mechanics. A Game like Super Metroid has alot of atmosphere, as where Mario is more towards the Mechanics.

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