The Power of Friendship
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 30 - The Power of Friendship

Game Mother 3
Episode 30
Date Aired August 24th, 2014
Episode Length 35:02
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Shimmy Zmizz's Raspberries
Next Episode KangaSharknado

"You're gonna see us hangout, beat up some dudes, and screw up some ghosts!"
- Alex Faciane


The episode begins with a rainbow mix of people, followed by said people taking a bath in the hot springs.

Instead of continuing on with the story, Jirard goes to grind, getting everyone up to considerable levels and getting a bag full of hot springs eggs. After getting the eggs, Jirard informs the audience that they are going to fight Lord Passion, the upgraded version of Mr. Passion first fought back in episode 13.

After defeating Lord Passion, Duster gets the Mystical Shoes, which then boosts his attacks a good "30%," making him the strongest member in the party.


  • Lord Passion defeated!
  • Mystical Shoes obtained
  • Kumatora learned Defense Down α
  • Lucas learned Shield α

Questions of the DayEdit

Alex: What are the scariest mushrooms in gaming?

Jirard: What's your favorite train in gaming?

Alex answered with the Doom Train Summon in Final Fantasy 8.

Alex 2: What is your favorite side boss in gaming?

Alex answered with "The Book" in Final Fantasy IX. Jirard answered with "The Weapon Boss" from Final Fantasy VII

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