The Pride Lands
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Star Fox Episode 6 - The Pride Lands

Game Star Fox 64
Episode 6
Date Aired January 11th, 2013
Episode Length 25:56
Playlist Star Fox 64
Last Episode Now in 4 by 3 for Some Stupid Reason
Next Episode The Finale!

"I remember when I used to fly through alien desolation wastelands with your dad! Oh man, I miss your dad. Do you ever think you'll get as good as your dad?"
- Alex, mimicking Peppy


Alex and Jirard start this episode stating that this will be one the last "real" episode of this series, given that the following video would be the finale where they fulfill their promises.

In this episode they finish the bottom route of the game, getting the "fake" ending.

Jirard finally got his revenge against Wolf O'Donnell from Star Fox.

During the Final Battle, Jirard and Alex have a discussion about whether the second phase of Andross is a Robotic Owl or a mechanical Monkey face.


  • Sector X Combat Zone
  • Titania
  • Bolse Defense Outpost
  • Venom (Fake ending)


  • The Sector X, as well as the Sectors Y and Z are not natural places, and they are not safe places to flight through.
  • Titania used to be a lush planet, but it was hit by an asteroid (presumably from Meteo).
  • "The Search for Slippy" is a reference to the third Star Trek movie "The Search for Spok".
  • The Golem in the Venom level is called Golemech.
  • A correctly finished level on Star fox will give the message "Mission Accomplished", whereas an incorrectly finished level will give the message "Mission Complete".


  • If Star Fox 64 was an e-sport, Jirard would be part of the competitive scene.
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