The Typing of the Dead
Typing of the Dead Overkill Let's Play 1 - The Goldman

Typing of the Dead Overkill Let's Play 1 - The Goldman

Series Number 58
Date Began August 13th, 2017
Date Ended August 25th, 2017
Number of Episodes 4
Playlist [1] 

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, developed by Modern Dream, was simultaneously announced and released on Microsoft Windows on October 29, 2013. The game follows the same premise of the 1999 game, The Typing of the Dead, following the same storyline of Overkill: Extended Cut, but requiring players to type out words and phrases using a keyboard to defeat zombies as opposed to shooting them. The game also includes the Extended Cut version of The House of the Dead: Overkill, playable with mouse or controller, and features downloadable dictionaries and multiplayer after an update.

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  1. The Goldman
  2. Hospitality Fatality
  3. Circus Circus
  4. Finale? - Chaos Rules Us All
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