The Walking Bushie
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 8 - The Walking Bushie

Game Mother 3
Episode 8
Date Aired May 18th, 2014
Episode Length 22:44
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode The Free Store
Next Episode Magic Men and Women


The episode starts off with a very offbeat and strange musical number. While most of the words are unintelligible, Alex can be heard saying "I didn't mean to call you dude-ies." They then go to save Claus, but not before getting lost in the graveyard.

Shortly after getting lost, Jirard mentions that he got Mario Kart 8 two weeks earlier, so he would be glad to play it if the fans would like to see it. He also said that if they were to play it, they would call the series something along the lines of New Super Beard Bros, in reference to New Super Mario Bros.

Also a bit after the episode starts, Alex talks about how people have been getting kind of mad that they aren't making all too much progress in Mother 3, which he addresses with good and bad news. The bad news is that they will not be trying to get through the game any faster and will keep their same pace. The good news is that they might do some live streams in order to finish the game faster. This is then moved into the Question of the Day.


  • Made it to Alec's House.


  • The Walking Bushie's name may be derived from the Bush Hospital in Onett from EarthBound, stemming from the fact that the bushie can only heal you.

Question of the DayEdit

Question 1: Would you like to see Mario Kart 8 be played on Super Beard Bros?

Question 2: Would you like to see a stream of Mother 3, so that they may finish the game faster?

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