Premise Edit


Super Mario Galaxy Let's Play #3 - Cancer Minor: The thumbnail for the video where the bet was laid out.

The stage was set in the third episode of the Super Mario Galaxy Let's Play, otherwise known as Cancer Minor. The episode was shaping out to be a normal Super Beard Bros episode. At the timestamp 10:57 after the Bros finished Sweet Sweet Galaxy and Alex Faciane ranted about blue raspberry being no bueno on pastries, Pat stated in the background of the episode barely audible that he would eat the hypothetical Warhead cookie that Alex pulled out of his ass during the rant.

The Stakes Edit


Black-Cherry Warheads: The candy flavor specified.

The viewers were then tasked by Alex in making a wiki page documenting this event as homework. There are also bonus points available put forward by Alex for anyone that could make and send these Warhead cookies for Pat to eat on Instagram. Afterwards, Alex states that he "is the bringer of Hell". There are bonus bonus points if the Warheads are black-cherry flavored.

Summary Edit

Pat said that he would eat a Warhead cookie. There are points for creating this wiki page, extra points for sending Pat these cookies, and extra extra points for making the Warheads black-cherry. This bet has yet to be resolved, and some say that this wager will be forgotten, but this wiki page says otherwise.

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