The Water Temple
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 8 - The Water Temple

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 8
Date Aired May 18th, 2014
Episode Length 25:35
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode The Flute and The Fairy
Next Episode Packages of Bones


The episode starts off with Alex and Jirard explaining right away that they got two pieces of heart offscreen: The Treasure Hunt mini-game and the Chest game.

Right after Jirard gets the Cane of Byrna, he ends up dying to a giant boulder, giving him another death. However, as usual, he had an extra fairy, so he wasn't given a gameover. He did, however, immediately get the Bombos Medallion, accompanied by many small tunes pertaining the Bombos Medallion.

Soon after Jirard enters the Swamp Palace, he dies again, giving him his six death, and leaving him with only one fairy left. He shortly uses that fairy, though, giving him 7 deaths and no fairies left.

Going off of the same tradition of Ganon's Secret Base, Jirard fights Arrghus, an evil eye creature that protects the 2nd maiden. Jirard is almost defeated, but through the power of clenching, he is able to defeat this beast. Upon doing so, he saves the 2nd maiden to learn more about Ganon's Base and end the episode.


  • Piece of Heart obtained from Treasure Hunting mini-game (offscreen)
  • Piece of Heart obtained from Chest Game (offscreen)
  • 3 total pieces of heart obtained
  • Flute Boy's Bird obtained
  • Magic Bar upgrade obtained
  • 12th Heart Piece obtained
  • Magic Cape obtained
  • Cane of Byrna obtained
  • Bombos Medallion obtained
  • Hookshot obtained
  • Arrghus defeated
  • 13th Heart Piece obtained
  • Second Maiden rescued!
  • Swamp Palace beaten


  • In ALttp, Hovers are more commonly known as Water Tektites.
  • The Japanese name of Water Tektites translates to Hover.
  • Guruguru Bar literally means Round-and-Round Bar
  • Guruguru Bars were originally intended to appear in The First Legend of Zelda game.
  • Arrghus' name is a reference to Argus Panoptes, an all-seeing hundred-eyed giant from Greek mythology.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Weathercocks originate from the Tower of the Winds.
  • In Twilight Princess, Bari are freshwater jellyfish, which is unusual in real life.
  • Cue Balls are known as a "Hiploop Hover" in Japan and are a cross between a Helmasaur (also known as a "Hiploop") and a Water Tektite.
  • Arrghus and Moldorm are the only dungeon bosses in A Link Between Worlds that are the same species as one from A Link to the Past, rather than being a variation or a different species

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