Theatre History
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 9 - Theatre History

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 9
Date Aired September 11th, 2013
Episode Length 14:47
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Fan Question Day!
Next Episode WARIO!?


The episode starts out with a bossfight against Punchinello, where Jirard realizes that he has no weapon equipped on any character. 


Since Jirard was powerleveling from the last episode, he forgot to re-equip his weapons, resulting in him doing low damage to Punchinello. He did, however, defeat Punchinello without weapons, taking up almost the whole episode, earning them the third star piece. Afterwards, Jirard saved the Mole children, returning them to their homes.


  • Punchinello was originally called "James Bomb", but they had to change the name for copyright reasons. The line "The name's Nello... Punchinello" is another James Bond reference.
  • Punchinello is named after Pulcinella, a type of 17th century clown puppet.

Not RelatedEdit

  • The reason that men were the only actors in Kabuki theatre is that the patrons were having sex with the previous actors, who were prostitutes. The ban of women in Kabuki did not keep patrons from having sex with the actors, though.
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