They Don't Talk to Anyone
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 53 - They Don't Talk to Anyone

Game Mother 3
Episode 53
Date Aired November 25th, 2014
Episode Length 31:02
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode A Murder of Monkalruses
Next Episode One More Round of Heads

"It's in these sad times that we must pick ourselves up from the ground and remain positive"
- Alex Faciane

"People measure success by how much money you make, me? Its meeting people and having great conversations"
- Jirard Khalil

"A boy who sleeps with whores, I can care less what he thinks of pokemon"
- Alex Faciane


Starting out strong, lost, and energetic, the Beard Bros find themselves back in Tazmily beach asking the viewers of the show how they are doing. Jirard unfortunetly had a Sprite can that was just too far away to reach #toofar Soon after that Jirard runs into Alec, an old companion who helps lead them to their next location at Argilla pass in order for them to get to Iona's house. On their way to Iona's house the Beard Bros begin to converse about developers of the gaming industry and getting the chance to talk to them. Jirard says that he would love to just have a beer with Kojima and just listen to his life story.


  • Jirard made it to Argilla Pass
  • Jirard lost the Jar of Pickles!!!
  • Jirard found the Jar of Pickles!!!
  • Jirard accidentally sold the Awesome Crown
  • Kumatora learned a new magnet technique
  • Lucas learned a new healing technique


  • The Dolphin Ossicle is a necklace that the game developer used to wear as a child for good luck.

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • there was a sprite can in Jirard's sight that was just too far for him to reach

Question of the DayEdit

Who would you love to have a seat with in the gaming industry and have a talk with?

Whats the most delicious sounding thing in a game that doesnt exist?

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