Transformers of LA
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 44 - Transformers of LA

Game Mother 3
Episode 44
Date Aired October 21th, 2014
Episode Length 19:42
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode We invented Laterman! Where are you guys going?
Next Episode Jirard Shoots Alex


Traveling through the Icy mountains Lucas Runs into yet another Mole Cricket, but rather than challenging Lucas, he offers to sell him supplies. After Equipping and Item Managing his Party, Jirard then Meets up with another Magypsy hoping to get his hands on yet another needle.... Although the Magypsy is ready to go and be released from this world, his only concern is for the bunnies that he has been taking care of. However, Just as Lucas was to make his way to the Needle, trouble was soon to arise.


  • Jirard met up with another Magypsy
  • Jirard met up with the main Antagonis
  • Jirard started fighting against the Mechagorilla and defeated him
  • Jirard Left the Icy Mountains using a fridge


  • If you knock on the girls bathroom in the Chimera Lab ghosts will appear
  • Nice Poser is a mechanical Man

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex is a fan of the book Call of the Wild by Jack London, and Alex likes it more than White Fang
  • Alex recommends the Transformers ride in Los Angeles
  • The music from the snow mountain reminds Jirard of the music from Bella's castle in Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Jirard had a weird spazz attack on his back
  • Using Pokemon Logic, Alex believes that it would make more sense for fire to be the weakness to the steel Mechagorilla

Question of the DayEdit

Whats the funniest equipment that you have ever gotten in a game?

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