Turtle Rock Lobster
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link To The Past 13 - Turtle Rock Lopster

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 13
Date Aired June 7th, 2014
Episode Length 27:12
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode Link to the Palp
Next Episode Ganon's Secret Base (Episode 14)

"Eighth Dungeon boss hype time!"
- Jirard


The episode begins with Alex explaining that he always calls the viewers his Dudés, and he always means it in the way of good friends. He then calls the episode "Part 2," and fumbles with his words to explain what he meant. As the series nears it's end, the episode is more about a chill dungeon completion, and rescuing Zelda.


  • Three Pieces of Heart obtained
  • Silver Arrows obtained
  • Sword upgraded
  • Mirror Shield obtained
  • Trinexx defeated
  • 19th Heart Piece obtained
  • Zelda saved!!
  • Turtle Rock beaten


  • When uploaded, the video was originally called "Turtle Rock Lopster," instead of "Turtle Rock Lobster."
  • Turtle Rock is the only dungeon with Lava.
  • The Japanese release of Majora's Mask has another Mirror Shield in the game's programming as an unused item - in fact, the select icon was finished.


Question of the Week DayEdit

What have you wished for in a wishing well?

Alex used to wish for a Sega Dreamcast. He got one later with Sonic Adventure 2, so it was a good win.

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