Unfortunate Deaths
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Donkey Kong Country Episode 3 - Unfortunate Deaths

Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 3
Date Aired September 14th, 2013
Episode Length 13:28
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode McMonkey Time!
Next Episode Tree top fun!


The episode starts with Greg continuously saying "Monkey," and is soon joined in by Alex and Jirard to make a song. Greg keeps a steady beat with "Monkey," Alex comes up with the lyrics to the song, and Jirard says "Banana" in the background.

Jirard tries unlocking secrets, but has trouble finding the right place. Eventually, Jirard manages to find it. After he actually does find it though, Jirard has troubles finishing the level.

When Jirard continuously dies throughout the episode, Jirard dubs himself as being in "Jirard Curse Mode."

Jirard spends the majority of the episode on Millstone Mayhem, trying to find secrets. Once he finally finds it, he has trouble beating the rest of the level. When Jirard finally beats the level, He wants to end the game, but Alex tells him to beat Necky first. After beating him, Jirard completes Monkey Mines.


  • Millstone Mayhem beaten
  • Necky's Nuts beaten
  • Monkey Mines completed


  • Shigeru Miyamoto was rumored to not like Donkey Kong Country. However, Miyamoto actually does like the game, and he worked close with Rare on it.
  • Rare was going to develop Donkey Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, but it was scraped.
  • In every game Necky appears in, he looks different.

Not RelatedEdit

  • The game Starfox Adventures was originally a game called Dinosaur Planet.
  • Monkeys instinctively hate snakes, which is why humans apparently hate snakes.

Final WordEdit

Hector Salamankey: [audible breathing]... Banana!

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