Up Then Down Then Up Then Down
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 51 - Up Then Down Then Up Then Down

Game Mother 3
Episode 51
Date Aired November 20th, 2014
Episode Length 21:33
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Fevers & Birthdays
Next Episode A Murder of Monkalruses


Hyped as ever Jirard and alex announced that their schedule is messed up and busy due to the new releases of Smash and pokemon. The Beard bros go on to adress the hate that has been coming from the comments, trying to tell their fans that if they really are fans, then why start a fight? they take the time to read all your comments. Alex also stated that he tries to be their for the views as often as he can. After their speech, the Beard Bros tried to fight against the Barrier trio once more. After defeating the trio however, all went south when the main antagonist approaches the party, blows them out of the way, and steals yet another Needle.


  • Jirard defeated Bearier Trio... spectacularly
  • The Needle was stolen by the main antagonist
  • Jirard recieved yummy pickles

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex told a horrible joke that is not wiki worthy
  • Jirard and alex believe that the main bad guy is Claus

Question of the DayEdit

What is the most unreal thing that has ever happened in a jrpg to you?

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