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I'm much less active on here than I'd like, but I still check pages/edits. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask, and I'll help you in any way I can. :)

To-Do List[]

  • Complete all Completionist Pages (Thanks, Cicabe!)
  • Update Super Mario RPG Episodes (beginning few don't have PROGRESS heading)
  • Finish updating "Castlevania: SotN "  Infoboxes
  • Fix the workings of the Mega Man X2 episodes (Some don't have the headings correct, I.E. ==Alex===)
  • Find an Image for Episode 84: Diablo II
  • Find an Image for Episode 85: Donkey Kong Country
  • Remove White around the Wild Arms Episode
  • Finish Mother 3
  • Finish A Link to the Past
  • START Mega Man 7. Man, I slacked... (Thanks, Abuyaqoub!)
  • Fix Far Cry 4 page to have Super Sellout Bros.

Important Things![]

Finished Articles: Mega Man X2Donkey Kong Country,  Super Mario Land 2Super MetroidSuper Mario RPGStar Fox 64

Unfinished Articles:Wild ArmsCastlevania: SotNSonic 3 and Knuckles, , Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tiny Brains, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (There's a little less :D).

Up To Date Articles: Mother 3

Working on: Castlevania: SotN.

Saw 19, Kaizo 3 20, Yoshi's Story 21, Shovel Knight 22, Undertale 23, Banjo 24, L.A. Noire 25

Set up for Beard Bros. episodes[]

Geno! is a good reference of what the format is for episodes.

If some of the slots are empty, such as their being no unrelated trivia, just remove that heading.


Write what happens in the episode. Some good notes would be:
 - Start of Episode
 - Key talking points
 - Memes


Write what progress was made throughout the episode.


Write related trivia here.

===Unrelated Trivia===

Trivia that doesn't pertain to the game.


If a promise is made in the episode, write it here, as well as the promises page.

==Question of the Week/Day/etc.==

The Question of the Week/Day goes here.

==Final Word==

The Final words said by Greg/Jirard/Alex/Frazier/etc.


For the info box of the Episodes, use this.

{{Infobox episode
|video = File:The Video of the Episode
|game = The Game being Played
|episode = What Episode it is
|date aired = Air Date
|length = Length of Video
|playlist = Playlist of the series.
|last = [[The Last Episode of the Series]]
|next = [[The Next Episode of the Series]]

Please note that the video DOES NOT require "[[]]" around it, while next and last does.


For the categories, at the bottom of the page (or to the right, below "Add features and media" and the summary and publish button), use these commands. (change after "Category:")

If using the right of the page, just enter the words AFTER "Category:"

[[Category: Game Name]]
[[Category: Super Beard Bros.]]/[[Category: Super Beard Brothers DELUXE]]/[[Category: New Super Beard Bros.]]

For the above, the three categories all are for different forms of episodes.

''Super Beard Bros.'' is before Greg joined (Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Star Fox 64).

''Super Beard Brothers DELUXE'' is from Greg joining to the Reboot (Donkey Kong Country, SotN).

''New Super Beard Bros.'' is after the Reboot (Mother 3, A Link to the Past).

If the episode is a Finale Episode, add:
[[Category: Finale]]

and if it's a bonus episode, add 
[[Category: Bonus]]

Self Thingys[]

Right Now, I think I'm most proud of Fan Question Day!... Just so much... so much...

I am working on just keeping everything up to date as of now, however, with how often the Bros. upload a video, it is quite easy to get lost in what needs to be done. However, I am still mainly working on Mother 3 and A Link to the Past.

I am also working on SotN, but much less so than the above. I have edited up to Episode 8 of the series.

These are the series that still need to be updated:

Super Retro Bros.

Super Coin-Op Bros.

Super Indie Bros.

New Super Beard Bros.

Jirard Finally Plays

Super Interview Bros.

Super Sellout Bros.