Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE Super Mario RPG Episode 2 - WACKY DELI WEDNESDAY

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 2
Date Aired May 15, 2013
Episode Length 24:46
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Geno Syndrome
Next Episode A Surprising Victory!


The episode starts with Jirard lined up with the toad kid playing the Game Boy, which he thought would be hilarious. Afterwards, he talks to Mallow to help him get back his Frog Coin. He also ends the game in the same place,

Jirard shows the glitch where you can use the Star power up infinity to level up, saying that it's "not really a glitch." The majority of the episode is Jirard exploiting this glitch.


  • Croco apparently wears crocodile skinned shoes.
  • Croco also might be a reference to Sale from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
  • Yoshi was put into the game because of Miyamoto's love of riding horses, and tried to put Yoshi into Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • Yoshi's name is Japanese, and is apart of the characters "Yo," which means virtuous, good, goodness, and "Shi," which means teaching, doctrine, faith, and righteous.
  • In Japanese, Frogog's name is Richādo, which means Richard, which may refer to King Richard from "Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru."
  • Frogogs resemble the Kremlings of the Donkey Kong series.

Not RelatedEdit

  • On The Completionist episode of Super Mario RPG," Greg and Jirard had to do many takes to get "Timed Hits" to not sound like "Timed Tits."
  • Zan Alda, the Guest Star for the Super Mario RPG Completionist episode, really didn't know too much about Super Mario RPG when they had first shot the episode.

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Alex's answer for Favorite Dream Sequence for the Castlevania SOTN: Episode 9 is in MGS3 when finding Sorrow, you have to walk through a lagoon to get to him, and everyone that you have killed throughout the game comes after you.

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