Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 10 - WARIO!?

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 10
Date Aired September 18th, 2013
Episode Length 17:29
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Theatre History
Next Episode We're Back, again.


The episode starts with Jirard instantly saying that the Booster plot line is his favorite series of quests. Greg than welcomes everyone, dogs and cats included. He than says that the reason that the Booster plot line is his favorite because you finally get Bowser on your team.

Half-way through the episode, Alex askes if Booster is the prototype of Wario, as they both look similar. To further his point, he says that Booster winds up his punches in the same way that Wario does in Brawl. They even both have the same "messed up mouth."


Moments into the episode, Jirard gets Bowser onto his team, and ends the episode halfway through Booster's Tower.


  • If you walk through the curtains in a certain room inside Booster's Tower, you will walk out a retro Mario.
  • Remo Con's name comes from the Japanese word "Remokon," which is derived from the English word "remote control."
  • In a comic that was released when Super Mario Land 2 was released, Mario was "a bumbling fool" who murdered people without even knowing it.

Favorite Shoe TypeEdit

Alex said that it has to be the High-Top Sneaker or the Boat Shoe. Jirard then shouts "Brought to you by Mattel!"

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