WariO... waluigi???
Dark Souls III -1 - wariO..

Dark Souls III -1 - wariO... waluigi???

Game Dark Souls 3
Episode 1
Date Aired January 14th, 2017
Length 32:53
Playlist Dark Souls III
Next Episode Pushing up Daisies


The first thing we see is the update screen for Dark Souls III, and Alex then saying that L.A. Noire was too easy. Therefore he is going to play this game and Jirard is going to rest his hands and just watch. Alex is playing this game instead, who is according to himself great at games, one of the best and a great game designer.

Alex played Dark Souls III on his Twitch-channel as practice before this series and got fairly far into the game. He stopped when his stream-rig broke. This is a no-thrills run, Alex is just going to finish it.

Played online so we can see Alex suffer. Jirard says there will be no trivia because, with a yawn, Jirard says he's not a trivia guy.

Alex says that the beauty of the game is to repeatedly play it and finish it until you're so strong that nothing scares you any more.


Character creationEdit

The episode or game-play starts with character creation and Alex chooses the name "wariO...". Alex wants to play as a knight to keep it basic. He also picks life ring as a burial gift. After that Alex changes the appearance and then he has to change the name of the name to "waluigi???", a 255 year old knight.


They have a book but Jirard won't open it unless they need to. Alex plays through the "tutorial" bit of the start area and then fights a Ravenous Crystal Lizard while Jirard laughs at him at first, but then coaching him. Alex defeats the Crystal Lizard at first try. After that Alex feels like a million dollars. When reaching the bonfire at the cemetery of ash he rests there. After murdering some enemies Alex confronts the boss Iudex Gundyr, pulls the coiled sword and defeats him the first try.


  • This is the episode where Jirard and Alex starts using the phrase "Tight boys take their time". Jirard doesn't like it and he got it from Connor "Samurai Corndog" .
  • Jirard tells Alex to first give an enemy the Patrick Swayze, then the Dan Aykroyd, then the Pierce Brosnan, the Patrick Dempsey and finally the Hercules
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