Wario's Castle
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario Land 2 Episode 7 - Wario's Castle

Game Super Mario Land 2
Episode 7
Date Aired Februrary 6th, 2014
Episode Length 18:58
Playlist Super Mario Land 2
Last Episode Pumpkin Hill
Next Episode Bonus Content


The episode starts off with Davis showing what the use of coins are, and spend 999 coins on a slot machine, earning them 20 lives for the next battle: Wario's Castle.

About three minutes into the episode, Davis dies in a pool of poison, getting him his first death to Wario's Castle. Because of this, he lost the rabbit ears, and proceeds to "wrap-up the episode," because he knows it will be hard to make it through to Wario without the floating and extra hit. Needless to say, this cause multiple clench moments.

Davis manages to make it to Wario with a Fire Flower, and the entire time he fights Wario, Jirard backseat games, telling Davis to "jump" and "run" at certain parts. After defeating Wario a second time, Davis excitedly screams that he beat Wario, however, he forgot that their was still one more fight against Wario with a Fire Flower.

When Davis is forced to go back through Wario's Castle, he requests a B.S. Meter on how bull the game has been to him. 
BS Meter
As per his request, one was made.

After only losing two lives, Davis beats Super Mario Land 2, which is quite a feat, and successfully ends the series, excluding the bonus episode.


  • Wario's Castle Beaten.
  • Super Mario Land 2 Completed!


  • Super Mario Land 2 is the very first appearance of Wario.
  • In Mario Party 8, in Koopa's Tycoon Town, if the player gets a three (3) star hotel after trading coins with the Koopa Troopa at the hotel, the hotel will look like Mario's Castle.
  • Don Gabamen are large ball-like floating faces with a mustache that bear a resemblance to Wario. Their name, however, has an unknown origin.
  • In Mario and Wario on the Japanese Super Famicom, Wario tries to get his revenge (after being foiled by Mario in Super Mario Land 2) by placing a bucket, or another object, on Mario, Yoshi, or Princess Peach's head to turn them into slaves.
  • Mario Zone is the only zone without a secret level.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Davis has a theory about how Wario is just a failed clone of Mario that Bowser made, but Bowser loves him too much to dispose of him.

Final WordEdit

Alex: *Silence, followed by laughter*

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