We invented Laterman! Where are you guys going?
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 43 - We invented Laterman! Where are you guys going?

Game Mother 3
Episode 43
Date Aired October 16th, 2014
Episode Length 22:52
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Michael Jackson's Rhythm Heaven
Next Episode Transformers of LA

"I want to build a snowman"
- Alex Louis Faciance


Starting off with a bit of a bummer note, Alex Announces that the data had been corrupted and so they have to go through this all over again and so they know what will happen in this episode. It seems that this episode is the long awaited day to fight squeekz. After defeating Squeekz he finally realizes that he is home sick and returns to his wife and seven kids. Be on alert, It seems like Jirard and Alex have lost their minds once again. Jirard then meets the Mole Cricket from three years ago and is imidiately challenged and so Jirard follows the mole cricket down a hole, where so many other Mole Crickets are seen.


  • Jirard defeated Squeekz
  • Jirard defeated the Mole Cricket
  • Jirard Recieved a Mole Cricket
  • Jirard made it out of the maze

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex WISHES that kimatora is in the new Smash
  • Jirard just learned that Bob Ross died 20 years ago
  • Mark Carr made a silent appearance
  • Alex Made a frozen reference

Question of the DayEdit

Whats your worst "I had to start over" in a video game?

Whats the most confusing part of a game that you have experianced?

If mother 3 is to be released in america, would it be called Mother 2 or 3?

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