What's In The Box?
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 4 - What's In The Box?

Game Mother 3
Episode 4
Date Aired May 4th, 2014
Episode Length 19:32
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Super Soot Bros!
Next Episode The Cloth and the Thief


The episode begins with Jirard and Alex giving a shout-out to Yuri of Wind for having a "beta show," and showing some Earthbound 64 footage.

While Jirard is running around the village, doing nothing, he explains that one of the main reasons that he likes Super Beard Bros. is because he can be open about anything and everything in his life. He then tells a story about how someone signed Jirard's business email up for a petition for a Smash Bros. character to remove For Glory Mode.

Immediately after, Jirard starts to read a letter from Hinawa, but while reading, Alex interrupts Jirard, saying that this letter is important and that should pay attention, although he doesn't stop talking until halfway through the letter.


  • Village ran around


Not RelatedEdit

  • The entire weeks-worth of Super Beard Bros. episodes are shot on one day.

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