What the whale?
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Mega Man X2 FINAL EPISODE - What the whale?

Game Mega Man X2
Episode Finale (7)
Date Aired August 3rd, 2013
Length 13:40
Playlist Mega Man X2
Last Episode The End!!!

Progression in EpisodeEdit

This time we rewind a bit, What if X didn't save Zero? Does he have the game breaking Shoryuken? No. Going through the final X-Hunter stage with everything but Zero's parts and the flaming uppercut of doom, X reaches the final room with Sigma in it. Instead of a weird black looking Zero, Sigma has by his side the actual Red Zero. Launching the boss fight between the two comrades in arms. Having the face an opponent with a freaking Light Saber fresh off the line and is just as fast, X truly is put to the test of his limits. When brought down to the last sliver of health, Zero breaks down the control chip to tell X that though mortally damaged he'll try and destroy the main computer. Heading down to a familiar fight with Sigma's two forms of Wolverine and Giant Andross looking head, X defeated the head of the Maverick's once more. But was revealed that Zero was a creation of Dr. Wily. Watching out into the ocean while...Whale's are trying to do it?

Completion ListEdit

  • Defeated Zero
  • Defeated both forms of Sigma for the last time this game



  • The reason for the black armor for Zero is an indication was the Maverick virus infecting him.
  • The word "dork" means whale weiner in the dictonary. Which is false since it is slang for the word penis on it's own.
  • Apparently, Alex is a fan of nature documentaries. Watching one on Whale Mating habits and launches into a freakin' hilarious monologue where the She-Whale tries to roll away from the He-Whale while he tries to roll onto her to mate with her. I dare not try to spoil more.


  • It was apparently common knowledge that this game was built with the 3D chip.
  • This was the first time that Jirard had to fight Zero in X2.
  • Jirard died as he listened to the whale mating convseration which spurs Greg to join him in a laughing fit.


  • People were making jokes that Chuck Hedgehog is a Maverick Hunter.. (Which is preposterous, he is of course a Maverick Hunter).
  • Greg was attracted to Princess Sally from the Sonic TV show when he was much younger.

Reveal of the next game to replace this oneEdit

Donkey Kong Country