The Dex! Whimsicott! Episode 13

The Dex! Whimsicott! Episode 13

Game Pokémon
Episode 13
Date Aired April 9th, 2013
Episode Length 5:14
Playlist TheDex
Last Episode Bulbasaur
Next Episode Scrafty

The trivia and battle strategy continues on The Dex. Kellz and Alex take a look at the gen 5 pure grass type Whimsicott. It received an added fairy typing in Generation 6.

Battle Strategy Edit

  • Ability: Prankster
  • Substitute
  • Encore
  • Stun Spore
  • Leach Seed
  • Nature: Bold
  • Item: Leftovers

Trivia Edit

  • Alex is named Backpacker Alex.
  • Kellz is wearing a necklace with a Whimsicott charm.
  • This is the first episode not to contain a Ridiculous Segment.
  • Jimmy the editor of The Dex makes his first live appearance on an episode.
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