Who needs a grappling hook?
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 6 - Who needs a grappling hook?

Game  Super Metroid
Episode  6
Date Aired   July 28th, 2013
Episode Length  23:31
Playlist Super Metroid
Last Episode Gravity!!!
Next Episode Let's try to forget about the whale.

Their is little progress made in this episode as most of the time Jirard was finding more power-ups, including 4 more Energy-Tanks.

When Jirard brings up not taking his own advice, "You can never save enough," Greg and Alex twist the joke, saying stuff like "You will never save" and "Their's no point in saving."

Jirard and Alex also discuss the history of clenching. Clenching just means to clench your butt hole. It started during the Sonic 3 and Knuckles series, where Jirard would almost have panic attacks and would clench for multiple episodes, since they used to record episodes in succession, rather than their now normal of recording an episode one at a time.

During the episode, Alex and Jirard reveal where they had first met. In 2012, they had met at E3, and then later met again at an early screening of Brave, around Mid-June.


  • Multiple power-ups aquired
  • Four (4) energy tanks aquired

Question of the WeekEdit

"What is the most infuriating platforming experiences?"

Alex gave 2 answers; a part in Super Metroid, where their is floating platforms where they fall, and you have to jump across them to get to a power-up. What made him even more angry was that Jirard had passed it with almost no effort. His second answer was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Virtual Console with the infamous ledge that you could just walk across. He had watched an AVGN video about it, where James was flipping out about just being able to walk across it, which in turn made Alex feel like that, just from watching it. While Jirard didn't give an answer, he did say that Super Meat Boy did NOT almost break him, the hardest part about the game was that he had to 107% the game in 3 days. He also says that if he had a week, he would have been fine.

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