Why Are You Came?
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 2 - Why Are You Came?

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 2
Date Aired April 27th, 2014
Episode Length 20:14
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode Child Actors
Next Episode Quetch Fest


The episode starts with the same enthusiasm from last episode, and Alex being happy that they actually recorded two episodes in a row, which means that they haven't messed up the schedule yet. Right after, Jirard said that this will be a completion run, because he loves this game. This also means that this episode will be full of sidequests.

While Jirard is exploring the Lost Woods, Alex says that he is really impressed at how much ALttP and A Link Between Worlds are the same, which prompts Jirard to say that if we (the viewers) would want to see him play A Link Between Worlds, he would play it. Alex later suggests that Jirard play Wind Waker, since he still hasn't played it yet.


  • Bombs obtained
  • Second Bottle obtained
  • 4 total Pieces of Heart obtained 
  • Bug Catching Net obtained
  • 5th Heart Piece obtained
  • Traded Mushroom for Magic Powder
  • Bow obtained
  • Armos Knight defeated
  • Pendant of Courage obtained!
  • 6th Heart Piece obtained
  • East Palace beaten
  • Pegasus Boots obtained


  • Ganon says that Agahnim is his alter-ego.
  • Sahasrahla appears to be named after the seventh chakra of Hinduism, Sahasrara.

Not RelatedEdit

  • The Sahasrara, or white lotus, is located either at or slightly above the top of the head.
  • The Sahasrara is described as having 1,000 multi-colored petals, which are arranged in 20 layers, each of them with approximately 50 petals.
  • Jirard still hasn't played Wind Waker.
  • Alex's favorite Zelda game is Majora's Mask.
  • Jirard's favorite Zelda game is either this one or A Link Between Worlds.

Question of the DayEdit

What is your favorite temple in all of the Zelda games?

Alex answered with the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time, while Jirard said the fourth dungeon in the Dark World in ALttP, also known as Thieves' Town, which he will explain once they get to that dungeon.

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