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Why We Love Games is a segment on The Completionist that focuses on the personal experience that a person has had with the game. Each episode has a different YouTuber describe how the game (or console) had an impact on their lives, such as over-coming an obstacle, or to help in a near-death experiences. During the first run of the series, there were five episodes.

As part of his 2015 plans for the channel, Jirard brought back this segment.


Episode 1 - TMNT 4 (With Jirard)

Episode 2 - Playstation 2 / SSX Tricky - Buying Your OWN Console (With Jirard)

Episode 3 - DKC 2 - An Origin Story of The Completionist (With Jirard)

Episode 4 - Super Smash Bros Melee and ADD (With Balrog the Master)

Episode 5 - Sonic 2 - Dealing with Hardships (With Lucahjin)

Episode 6 - Pokemon Blue (With Greg)

Episode 7 - Ace Combat 5 (With Jesse Cox)

Episode 8 - Final Fantasy IX (With Alex)

Episode 9 - Pokémon Snap (With Kellie)

Episode 10 - Kingdom Hearts II (With Jirard)

Episode 11 - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (With Sunder)