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Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 41 - You're Welcome

Game Mother 3
Episode 41
Date Aired October 7th, 2014
Episode Length 23:48
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Hanna The Vampire
Next Episode Michael Jackson's Rhythm Heaven

"Bill Nye the science swine"
- Jimmy


Different than usual, this episode starts before the opening theme with jirard and Alex saying "gotta remix the cheeta". Jirard starts this episode talking to alex about his week. Alex said that he spent his week playing Shadow of Mordor while Jirard stated that he has been playing alot of Smash. Jirard then makes his way back to the lab to see what he had missed such as the books that he can read. The rest of the episode is spent combining swine names with theorists of the past.


  • Jirard wasted a one up
  • Jirard level grinded for Salsa
  • Jirard Made it to the Magypsy

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • People have been complaining to the Beard Bros that he hasnt been talking to the people enough and so Jirard is now talking to everyone.
  • Jirard said that being full is what his life is all about, and the jimmy gave him a "what the fuck" look
  • Jirard made a Borat-esque accent. Jimmy calls it Roborat because it sounds like a robot Borat
  • This is officially the weirdest episode of Beard Bros. They somehow went no where, and yet achieved so much.... I think....

Question of the DayEdit

What is your portamento

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